Since opening our new site, accounts have been started afresh (from May 2015). Previous account details were made available for a year but are no longer retained.

An account is automatically opened by the shop for you, when you place your first order.

An account here enables you to save baskets, check orders online and (optionally) to be advised of despatch. It also saves you the bother of filling in your name and address each time you order. It also keeps records of past orders for you.

You do not need an account to look around the shop or browse the site. You do need one to finalise an order. Once you have placed an order, an account is automatically opened for you and our customer resources become available to you, in the members area. These contain reviews or discussions of some genera, cultural advice, tips and galleries. Resources are available to customers after logging in to ‘my account’. Currently resources need an extra password to access them. This is advised with order acknowledgements.

Blank accounts: some visitors open a ‘blank’ account with no name or address details. These are not needed and since accounts relate only to orders (and we can’t send an order without an address), the shop automatically deletes these blank accounts. Baskets saved to such an account, without address details, will be lost.

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