Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species


UK : you do NOT need a CITES permit to buy our CITES plants.   (take me back to FAQs)

EU : you do NOT need a CITES permit to buy our CITES plants.   (take me back to FAQs)

All other countries : CITES certificates are needed when any CITES listed plant crosses a border. CITES is international, permits are needed for all listed genera (even artificial hybrids) sent to customers in the USA, Switzerland, Norway, etc. from any other country. Permits are needed no matter where you buy your plants – if you are in the USA and buy from Canada, then you need a CITES import and export certificate. If you buy an orchid on eBay from another country, then you DO need a CITES export permit to match your own import permit.


All of our CITES species are covered by certificates and every last CITES plant that we grow is legal, traceable and fully accountable. However increasingly we are spending hours of office time filling export applications which are getting progressively more expensive each year. We have decided to call a halt now. We will no longer be shipping CITES plants outside of the UK and EU.

Plants affected by CITES

We mark each CITES genus and each species to advise you. CITES also applies to man-made, artificial hybrids and garden cultivars which have never been wild plants. From our range the following are some of those affected : Cyclamen, Galanthus, Podophyllum hexandrum (but no other Podophyllum),  Sternbergia. All Orchids (e.g.. Bletilla, Calanthe, Calopogon, Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, HabenariaPleione, Pogonia, Ponerorchis).  None of these are now available for shipping outside of the UK and EU

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