All sites use them, here is a summary of our cookie use at Rareplants

A cookie is a small piece of data used to exchange information between a website and your browser.

Cookies are used for  authentication, recognition, shopping preferences and cart contents. Online shopping and banking are only possible through the use of cookies. We use ‘session cookies’ to store your order details when you shop with us. They are termed ‘session cookies’ as they last only for the duration of your visit. Web browsers delete such cookies when you leave our site.

These strictly necessary cookies are the only cookies we use. They are essential for shopping. If you disable cookies for our site, then you will disable online shopping also.

We DO NOT use cookies for casual browsers they are to aid shopping and members only.

We DO NOT use cookies for any purpose except maintaining your shopping basket, your account and your site preferences.

Tracking cookies

Some cookies can be used for tracking of individuals across the internet.  We DO NOT track your internet use. We do not use or support tracking cookies. We do not pass on, or share, any information about you, by means of cookies or any other method.

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