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Please click headings above for your country to see if we can export to you. If you don’t see your country listed here, please contact us.

AUTUMN orders to colder countries with early winters

Typically – Central Europe, Central USA, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden etc.

You can order plants any time they are listed for sale but please note that some genera are VERY LATE RIPENING. Late plants include Cypripedium, Helleborus, Lilium, Nomocharis, Notholirion, Paeonia, Paris, Trillium. We know that you want your plants before frosts set in and before the ground freezes with you, at the same time we cannot send them until they have lost their leaves here and are properly dormant and ready to send.We will do our very best, but we can’t send them in September or earlier, they are just not ready then. For these items delivery from mid-October to November is normal.

SPRING orders to colder countries with long winters

Typically – Central Europe, Central USA, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden etc.

We do not send plants in the depths of winter (and you cannot buy from us then) but some of our customers obviously want to wait until frozen ground has thawed. We do get asked to hold Spring orders, for late despatch. We will always try to oblige but our climate and your climate can differ substantially and this may not always be possible. For example, Hepatica in March or later are impossible whilst some Arisaema can last in a dormant state until April (but not all!)

May despatch is almost never possible and even April can be too late for many species. We are not being unhelpful but by April most of our spring-flowering species are in growth and many have already flowered. There is no safe way to send them this late. Long shoots break in the post and leaves rot on the way to you. You would not be happy with the results.

We suggest that to get over this, we post plants to cold countries at our normal time in February and March. We then ask you to put them into a domestic refrigerator and keep them there (checking every 7-10 days) until your ground is thawed and planting is possible. Even if they do develop long shoots with you, there is little risk of breakage and damage on the scale that would happen in the post.

I stress that we are not being unhelpful, but May despatch is not a safe option for despatch. April is sometimes possible but for some plants only.

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