From Outside the UK

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:-

By card:-

We accept Visa and Mastercard by post, fax, telephone as well as taking secure payments on our website. In addition to these we accept Paypal and Amex online (only on our website).

If you have placed an order but not yet paid for it and you now wish to use a card to pay, simply select Make a Payment, from this link. You can then add payments for the correct value and pay using your card. We will tie this payment to your order in the office, if you can send us your order number. You can also find Make a Payment, in the shop (the very last item). Please only use our secure payment system for card payments.

Please never send your card details by open email. Even split across a few emails this is totally insecure.


You can post banknotes of any major currency to us. UK pounds are best but we can accept any major currency such as € or $. However please ONLY send these by signed-for post, for your own security and ours.

Wire Euro (€)

We accept € Euro transfers direct to our accounts.

Simply shop online, convert the rate at (this link opens in a new window) and then wire the money direct from your bank to ours in €.

The details for our Euro account are given during checkout.


Please do not wire UK pounds

Banks help themselves to money along the way and if you send £ to our £ account they deduct between £12 and £20. Thus we cannot accept overseas wire transfers in pounds.

Our € Euro account cannot accept pound transfers. These will be returned to you but your bank may still charge you for the failed attempt.


Sorry, but we cannot accept cheques in € or other overseas currencies.

DE:Es tut uns leid, aber wir können nicht akzeptieren Schecks in € oder anderen ausländischen Währungen.

FR:Désolé pour ne pouvoir accepter de chèques autre qu’en GBP tiré sur une banque Britannique.

IT:Siamo spiacenti, ma non possiamo accettare assegni in € o altre valute estere.

ES:Lo sentimos, pero no podemos aceptar cheques en € u otras monedas extranjeras.

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