Active list

The 'Active List' is the online version of our current paper catalogue. It contains a large selection of rare bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers for ordering now.

Orders can only be accepted from the active list, as this is our current stock.

The content of our active list will change according to the seasons. Flowering is in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

We leave our 'inactive' list accessible online for you to see our full range. However the inactive list is not available for shopping or purchases, it is for your information only. You can see it (and what we have and have had) by using our 'search facility'. Plants in our inactive list will always display as "out of stock", reflecting seasonal availability or the fact that they are just not currently in stock. We cannot accept orders for such plants as we do not have them for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions <font color="#5B5EDF">Frequently Asked Questions</font>

This extensive set of pages is the place to look for immediate answers to questions and queries. It should guide your through anything unfamiliar or unclear and answer points already raised by other customers as clearly and accurately as possible. We hope that you find it helpful.

We have totally re-written our FAQs (2014) to make them fully searchable using our SEARCH facility

You can also search the headings below to see if your question or problem is listed.

Paper lists <font color="red">Paper lists</font>

Our latest online offerings are always up to date and available here on the website.

In addition we produce a paper catalogue twice a year in JANUARY and JUNE.

The catalogues are also available for download (free) once they are ready, however their content, and more, is available on the website already.

If you buy a paper copy of our current list you get a free copy of our next list when it is issued.

The two lists contain very different collections of plants and you really need the pair (spring and autumn), to see our full range.

You can purchase catalogues online (below), by phone or fax using your card or by post using card or cheque.

The prices quoted are for a copy of our current list plus a FREE copy of our next list when it is issued.

Publication is in June and January each year, so you will get one sent now, and a further free one sent when the second one is issued.

We cannot give the lists away for free as production costs and postage are high but we charge only to cover part of the cost of printing and postage.


This is the part of the site where you can see any current discount vouchers which are available.

You can buy an attractive coloured gift card/voucher.

In addition, CITES permits are available here if you have already contacted us to understand what these are needed for and what they are available for.

Lower down the page we also offer 'make a payment'. This are for when you simply wish to send us a payment.
You may have ordered but not had your card handy, and you now wish to pay online. (14 day timeout still applies to unpaid orders)
This is also the place to pay for a forgotten or unfinished order or pay the difference when an incorrect postal rate has been chosen.