Snowdrops have traditionally been moved ‘In The Green’, in spring. This involves digging them up in full growth, damaging their leaves and root tips (which do not re-grow). It is old-fashioned nonsense. Far from being the ‘best’ time to move them, it does a considerable amount of harm in the long term.

Though ‘in-the-green’ is better than moving totally dry bulbs, the truth is that Snowdrops move best during their summer dormancy, as long as they are not dried out. We have had excellent results sending freshly lifted, damp-packed bulbs in summer.

We urge you to try them over the summer/autumn, at what is being realised IS the correct time. Don’t believe the old-fashioned, fairy-tales about ‘in-the-green’.

Orders for Galanthus are taken from Jan-Oct.

Despatch is ONLY from August to late autumn, depending on the season.

NOT available for U.S.A., Norway, Switzerland, etc.
Galanthus are no longer shipped outside of the UK and EU.