Galanthus Primrose Warburg

Galanthus Primrose Warburg

A medium-sized plant, found in the garden of the late Primrose Warburg at South Hayes, after her death and named by the finders. Its earlier provenance is unknown.

The 'Snowdrop Bible' says this is 'dangerously' similar to another superb yellow, G. Spindlestone Surprise, but there are differences in habit and height and the two can be separated on sight. I also find that the ovary of P.W. is much fatter in relation to the flower. The yellow apical mark is a different shape in the two clones and P.W. seems more vigorous though a touch shorter.

The leaves are pale blue-grey and do not always have explicative leaf margins which Spindlestone Surprise does.

The flower has its green markings replaced by lime-yellow ones. It is well shaped and coloured and one of the better yellow hybrids. The fat, golden yellow ovary can become green in either young or old age. Ours are vegetative propagations and are increased naturally.

Galanthus sent to Norway, Switzerland, USA etc : must have a Galanthus CITES permit. We cannot send them to you unless you buy this.

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