Crocus oreocreticus Florane

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Flowering sized corms.

Despatched August to October.

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(oreocreticus x cartwrightianus)

A lovely new hybrid of two, related and similar Greek species. The seed parent came from the high mountains of Crete, the pollen donor is from the mainland and close-lying Greek islands (in this case from the populations found in our CEH612 collection made many years ago in the south of Evvia).

The offspring combine the best of both plants, making superbly marked and violet-feathered flowers with a violet ground colour contrasted with long red styles and vivid, chrome-yellow anthers. Deep in the throat is an intense indigo-violet zone spreading up each petal. This is also a good saffron source, and inheriting the hardy qualities of C. oreocreticus, it is a good one for a well-drained, sunny spot in full sun in the garden.

Introduced to our lists in April 2017

Crocus oreocreticus Florane
Crocus oreocreticus Florane