Galanthus Acton Pigot No.3

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Three seedlings were found by the late Margaret Owen at her then garden at Acton Pigot in Shropshire, in 1993. Named No1, No2 and No3. The best of the trio is undoubtedly No3, with splayed, pale, glaucous leaves and (usually) twin scapes each bearing a solitary flower. (Where the flower joins onto the ovary, there is a marked constriction).

The individual flowers are good-sized and very lovely, with the innermost segments almost totally emerald-green coloured, in the manner of the old cultivars Merlin and Tubby Merlin.  The best of all, No3, has superb flowers which are much fuller, due to the broader outer segments, which are also more pointed.

There are considered to be obvious differences between the Acton Pigot seedlings and the most closely related Tubby Merlin. Certainly, side by side, you would never mistake them but these differences are less easily quantified on paper. Most easily they can be discerned by the superior poise and larger size of the Pigot flowers, which are twice as big as either of the wizardly plants.

Galanthus sent to Norway, Switzerland, USA etc : must have a Galanthus CITES permit. We cannot send them to you unless you buy this.

Galanthus Acton Pigot No.3
Galanthus Acton Pigot No.3