Lilium nepalense

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Price is per bulb. These are probably flowering size, some have already flowered but it is impossible to guarantee on this small-bulbed species, when even the large parent ones make offsets and reduce in size themselves.

Despatched October-April

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A gorgeous, but rarely seen, bicoloured Himalayan lily.

Deep garnet, hanging bells with the end third coloured bright yellow and reflexed upwards, like a lily version of Fritillaria michailowskyi.

It is stoloniferous and it likes a deep humus-rich soil in which these can spread. A rich soil or feeding, will ensure that the offsets,made along the underground stem, reach flowering size quickly. Despite this being quite a good-sized species, the bulbs are naturally small, so that flowering size is also much smaller than is the case in many of the larger Lilium.

Fully hardy here over many years.

Lilium nepalense
Lilium nepalense