Paris japonica

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Flowering sized, nursery- produced rhizomes of about flowering size however these will need to establish before flowering actually commences. Growth of this species is slow.

Despatched October-April

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Paris japonica is distinct from all other Paris, with its large, white flowers. Once established it will flower regularly and increase, although it does this only slowly. Its short, stout rhizomes makes a stem 25-80cm tall topped by a whorl of 6-10 leaves. Above the leaves is borne a sublime white flower 8cm in diameter. This is produced only after the plant is well established however.

This is not a difficult plant to grow but it has a behaviour all its own and very distinct preferences. If you ignore these then you may get a nice, 30cm tall plant, if you take notice of them, or combine them, you will get a breathtaking 80cm specimen that will astound you!

Paris japonica likes rich, moist and humus-rich soils in half shade but it now has its own special page with cultivation and notes. This can be found in our members area, available after logging in to your account.

Paris japonica
Paris japonica