Pleione forrestii

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Lovely, home-grown pseudobulbs, perhaps not quite flowering sized (though many are budded) nut in prime co0ndition.

Despatched November to April.

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A legendary yellow species. The true plant with flowers of bright citrus-peel-yellow and blood red markings on the lip and an almost overpowering scent of primroses which permeates the air in early spring.

Pleione forrestii is the only yellow Pleione species and is very, very good.

Growth is best in a VERY open, well-drained compost; pure moss in basket pots is ideal, but never ever use peat-based composts, as soggy wet soil is a sure death. Vigorous under the correct conditions.

Although our bulbs are flowering size and are budded, they may sometimes not flower the first season after being moved from grower to grower. This is due to variations in storage temperature. For this reason we have tried to have them available early this year. They should be stored cool but frost free until spring.

Pleione sent to Norway, Switzerland, USA etc : must have a Pleione CITES permit. We cannot send them to you unless you buy this.

Pleione forrestii
Pleione forrestii