Pleione Io

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Flowering sized pseudobulbs.

Despatched January to April.

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(chunii x bulbocodioides)

This was made and registered by Kathleen Fairhurst in 2007 and it seems a particularly variable but lovely grex , depending on which parent predominates.

In some plants I have seen there is an intense pink-purple colouration to the lip and tepals combined with a rich red overlay inside the lip, the whole being reminiscent of the colouring of P. bulbocodioides Yunnan. In others (ours are more like this) the P. chunii parent dominates giving a large, pale pink flower which is much larger than P. bulbocodiodes, with broad, sabre shaped petals arching downwards and intriguingly marked broad, flaring, white lips with a central yellow zone which spreads right across the mouth of the lip. This yellow zone is marked with red, which overlays the yellow, giving an orange effect which is very attractive.

The edge of the lip is delightfully frilled in all plants and the central portion of the lip has four crested and lacerated frills inside.

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Pleione Io
Pleione Io