Pleione Yeti

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Flowering sized pseudobulbs.

Despatched January to April.

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(albiflora x grandiflora)

A fabulous hybrid first made bu Heinz Pinkepank in 2008 but very little seen as yet. The parentage involves the rare and elusive Pleione albiflora. On its own P. albiflora can be difficult to manage at times, being demanding in both its drainage and water requirements, but P.grandiflora brings ease of growth and vigour to tame it’s irascible mate and the result is a very good, growable, large-flowered cross with a very different appearance.

P. Yeti usually has broad white petals and a lip which is pale- to mid- lemon-yellow both inside and out, varyingly marked with fuzzy orange over a deep yellow ground. The petals can, sometimes, have a thin central zone which suggests yellow and this, when present, goes beautifully with the yellow lip.

P. albiflora can sometimes bring some pink to the grex (despite its name albiflora often has some pink in the flower) and the fabulous P.grandiflora which brings size and a broad, flaring lip infused with yellow to the party. In some plants there is evidence of the spurred lip of P. albiflora in most there are hints of the lip markings of both of the parents. These appear as sparse, fuzzy, warm orange blotches.

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Pleione Yeti
Pleione Yeti