Pleione Zottel

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Flowering sized pseudobulbs.

Despatched January to April.

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(albiflora x formosana)

A hybrid first made by Heinz Pinkepank in 1998 but very little seen since. The parentage involves the rare and elusive Pleione albiflora. On its own P. albiflora can be difficult to manage at times, being demanding in both its drainage and water requirements, but P. formosana (the clone Blush of Dawn was used in the original cross) brings ease of growth and vigour to tame it’s irascible mate and the result is a very good and growable cross of easy culture.

P. Zottel has notably large flowers (in excess of 10cm across) with spreading pink petals and a blushed, pink lip which is soft primrose yellow at its mouth. The yellow being more concentrated (but still pastel) towards the front and centre of the lip. There are also four, very pale frills running the length of the lip (which is itself marked internally with soft Indian Red). The frills are white deep in the throat but pastel yellow in the mouth of th lip.

P. albiflora can sometimes bring some additional pink to the grex (despite its name albiflora often has some pink in the flower) but it is P. formosana that is most notable for this with its delightful soft, pastel pinks. P. albiflora certainly does bring a wonderfully frilled and lacerated lip edge.

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Pleione Zottel
Pleione Zottel