Terms and Conditions

Card payments and numbers. Please note We do not see your card details online. You make your payment (via Sagepay) once you enter your card details and press ‘pay’. When you pay by card, online, you pay at the time of ordering, we don’t defer payment or take the money later. If you wish to pay later, then please select to pay using ‘other payment’ not via Sagepay.

 Bulb sizes. These are our best estimate made when the bulbs are still in the ground. We strive to supply flowering-sized plants, smaller sizes are usually noted. However we cannot and will not guarantee flowering, even when a bulb is flowering sized. There are simply too many things that can happen between growth and harvest and your own subsequent care.

 Faults or Returns. Our primary aim is for satisfied customers and we approach any complaints from this viewpoint in a reasonable manner. You can return anything not acceptable within 14 days of receipt. When we get returns within 14 days the we will replace or refund without quibble . After that and once accepted as good by you, then we think it is reasonable that care and responsibility pass to you. We cannot guarantee that you can grow the plants. Mistakes as to identity are rare but we are human, please contact us if you think we have made a mistake.

 Cancellations, by you, of orders already paid by credit card by yourself, will carry a small charge. This is currently 80p and this reflects the sum levied on us, by the credit card companies for refunds.

Flowering: We do not guarantee flowering or subsequent performance. This lies totally outside of our control and depends on your conditions and how you treat the plants after they leave us.

Delivery time: Plants can only be safely sent when dormant. We fill orders as quickly as the plants allow. In Autumn, most are ready in September but some bulbs may not be dormant and ready to deliver before October or even November. Please be aware of this possibility. We do try and draw your attention to this throughout our website and printed lists. In spring there is the possibility of delays due to bad weather and of course tender plants cannot be posted when there is a risk of frost or freezing in transit.