A coupon is a discount voucher for our webshop in the form of a code for you to enter during checkout.

We normally issue a coupon when we can’t supply a plant that you have already paid for. You can always request a refund or alternative plants, that is never a problem, just contact us. We try never to let you down but sometimes things die for us as well!  If on the rare occasion that we can’t supply something and we send you a coupon, then we will tell you about it in a notification of your order being despatched.

We may also issue coupons for discounts or free-postage offers which we include in our monthly email newsletter from time to time.

How do I use a coupon ?

Click the appropriate link during checkout and enter the coupon code (copy and paste is best to avoid misreading 1 & I, or 0 & O, etc). The sum is then taken off the total cost for you.

Please use your coupon BEFORE you make payment with your card. We cannot deduct them after you have already made your payment since the payment is made on a bank to bank basis and we never see your card details.

I have a coupon from the old shop

These won’t be recognised in the new shop, but they will of course be honoured. Please just email us the old coupon code so that we can re-issue it for the new shop.

I don’t want a coupon

If you do not want a coupon, then please just let us know. We can easily cancel the coupon and either refund you or supply alternative plants. Coupons are issued as a credit and are simply a convenient way to hold that credit for you in a way that you can easily use. You are not obliged to accept them and we don’t want you to be unhappy.

Store credits

If we buy plants off you and send you a slightly different coupon called a “store credit”, then this can be used just like a coupon, to pay for a part or a whole order. Any balance which is left over, as change, is held for you, under the same store credit coupon and can be used again until the total credit is used up..

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