( including Tasmania)

It takes dedication to import plants into Australia and it isn’t cheap but we can export to you in Australia . You will not find it in our list of countries to which we export. This is because we do need you to read the conditions below before you place an order. If you still then wish to buy from us, we ask you to contact us via our “Contact” form and we will arrange ordering and payment individually with you by email.

In Australia

To import ANY plants (from anyone) you MUST have Australian Government quarantine facilities already set-up. The Australian government charges for this provision are high and you will need to establish them with your own plant health authorities in Australia. We cannot arrange this for you, it must be organised and paid by yourself. Once you have done this, we then send the plants to the quarantine station on your behalf. The plants are grown there and once deemed healthy, they are released to you. Please be aware that we send inspected, healthy plants but some losses during this quarantine period are normal and we cannot accept responsibility for them.

Our charges

Thorough and careful export cleaning of the plants, air-post and all packing materials and time is charged at 18% of the value of the plants.

Health certificates are needed, at a fixed cost of £27.50 per shipment. Our plants are fully inspected and conform to all needed health criteria to enter Australia.

Packing materials must be only polythene and/or damp paper and we are aware of this. Plants will be washed free of soil and travel bare root.

CITES plants (clearly marked on our website as such) are not available for Australia, due to the complexity and timing of organising the paperwork.