Order questions

Various questions we have been asked about orders and ordering

Adding to an existing order

We are always happy to assist UK/EU customers to add plants to an existing order. If you have an open order (one that has still had nothing sent), then please get in touch and we will send you a coupon to enable you to take advantage of a greatly reduced postal rate. The former option to select a reduced postal rate is not available on this website, so instead we will send you a coupon.

Inappropriate selection of the “add to order” rate by customers with no existing orders used to make a lot of extra work for us so we hope that this way you can still enjoy this concession. We can send the coupon by email or over the telephone, please have your order number ready if calling, or pop it into your email. 

Despatch/shipping charges for destinations outside of the EU are calculated on a % basis (to include plant health inspections, pre-export inspection, phytosanitary certificate, export cleaning, air-postage and packing) and there is no “add to” facility available, since two (or more) orders will still produce the same total shipping charge.

Please note that since we don’t ever see your card details when you order online, we can’t use them to add to an order, you need to do this through the shop.

Delivery is seasonal, not year-round

Delivery times are dictated by the dormancy of the bulbs. We do our best, but we have to work around this inescapable fact. Our bulbs can only be sent when they are dormant and ripened. They are not items that can be warehoused and sent out on a year-round basis, like a clothing, a CD or an ink cartridge.

To use an extreme example to illustrate what we mean – you might need to order Paeonia in June to get a plant which will not be ready until November.

If this is not acceptable and you want them at once, then please don’t order them until November.


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