From inside UK

Payment can be made in any of these ways:-


In UK pounds (£), payable to “P. Christian” or “Rareplants” and sent to our postal address.


We accept Visa and Mastercard by post, fax, telephone as well as taking secure payments on our website. In addition to these we accept Paypal and Amex only on our website.

If you have placed an order but not yet paid for it and you now wish to use a card to pay, simply select Make a Payment, from this link. You can then add payments for the correct value and pay using your card. We will tie this payment to your order in the office, if you can send us your order number. You can also find Make a Payment, in the shop (the very last item).


Payment can be made by BACS within the UK. This is a direct bank to bank payment. If you wish to pay this way, please contact us for our account details.

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