Plant questions

What do you sell?

Our normal range comprises specialist and hard-to-get species bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes and some hardy orchids. The sort of special plants that you will not get in your local garden centre.

Our range is seasonal and thus not all are available at all times of the year. We try to keep most of our species available from year to year but these are not mass produced items, so there will be some seasons or years when we do not have availability of some items. Some offerings are simply one-offs, not-often, or never, to be repeated.

To find what we do grow, please look at the menu in our shop (for current availability) or in our archive (for out-of-season and historical offerings). Our site search will locate anything that we grow or have offered. This is a very powerful tool and looks across our entire range.

If you have an account with us, then you can click to be added to a waitlist for a particular plant, then you will be emailed when we have it back in stock.


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