We guarantee

We guarantee the arrival of living, healthy, correctly named plants. To ensure nothing is missing we not only count the number of bulbs into each pack but we count the correct number of bags into each shipment and check this against the original order.

It is essential that you unpack and examine your plants on arrival. Please check condition and numbers. (If you have bought more than one of a kind they will all be in the same bag). Please don’t put things to one side to look at days later, especially when they are left in direct sunshine, a greenhouse or a hot shed!

We want you to be pleased with your purchases and come back to us again for more plants, so if you find a problem on receipt then please report any problems to us at the time. We prefer to be given the chance to sort it out at once. We hope that this is what you want too.

We will provide you with correctly-named, healthy plants in good condition. However once you accept these and are happy that we have done our part, then we think it fair to say that the rest is then up to you. The subsequent care, cultivation, growth, flowering and survival becomes your responsibility.

We do not guarantee

Most plants establish and grow without problems but we can’t guarantee that you will be successful growing every last plant, that is down to you and you do need an appreciation of the horticultural needs and requirements of the plants, especially some of the more tricky ones.

Some plants are rare simply because they are new or hard to get hold of in the first place, however some are rare because they have specialised needs or are finicky. A few of our plants will challenge even experienced gardeners. We ourselves have killed a lot of plants, but we try to learn from our own mistakes. Sadly deaths happen.

Plants are living things and are subject to neglect, complacency, inclement weather, chewing things, crawling things, burrowing things, slugs, snails, rodents, pets, soil fungi, bacteria, assorted diseases, extreme temperatures, sudden freezes, poor cultivation, bad drainage, children, visitors and well-meaning gardeners.

We think that it is fair that once you accept plants as being good, then their care and responsibility for cultivation pass to you. We do not guarantee future growth or success.


If you are not happy with something then please tell us within 14 days of despatch, or call us for assistance. Sometimes a problem is simply due to a misunderstanding over something like bulb size or appearance.

If you are still not happy, simply return them to us by ordinary 2nd class post at once.

* Don’t chop bits off them, dip or dust them or try to struggle on.
* Do send them back and get a fresh plant, or an alternative that you are happy with.

If you return them as asked then we don’t quibble and you can choose a refund, replacement plants or credit.

* We will refund or credit the normal, return, second-class postage.
* If you choose to send them otherwise then we do not refund the extra costs involved with insurance, signed-for fees, registered-post fees or first class postage.
* We will not replace or refund plants which are not returned to us within 14 days of despatch.

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