Our Waitlist explained

You must be logged into your account to be added to a plant waitlist.

If you have an account with us (from having placed an order already), then just navigate to the plant you are interested in and on the full plant description page (use [read more] if you have to) simply click the [join waitlist] button. This will add you to the waitlist for that particular plant. When we add stock of that plant again, everyone on the waitlist for it, will be emailed by the shop to say it is available for purchase again.

♣ This isn’t any kind of a reservation for the plant and there is no obligation for you to buy, but when we have it for sale again then you will be emailed to say so. You are also sent a link to purchase it which you can use if you wish to.

♣ There isn’t a quota of people on a waitlist, it just a list of people who want to know when we have a particular plant. When we restock, then the plant goes on general sale but we tell you it is there for purchase.

♣ Once everyone on a waitlist has been emailed and told, then the shop clears the waitlist for that plant, to avoid us pestering you.

There may be a wait before you hear, depending on the plant this can be weeks, months or in the case of rarities, even years.

♣ Some visitors are getting confused when they are asked for a “valid email address” before they can be added to a waitlist and there is apparently nowhere to add this address. However you must be logged into your account to be added to a waitlist. (If you are logged-in then the shop already knows your email address and will not ask you for it).

♣ We have had to close the waitlist facility to casual browsers (those without accounts) as we were getting hundreds upon hundreds of fake accounts set up, for whatever nefarious purposes, by Russian, Ukranian and Vietnamese IP addresses. If you don’t have an account, then please email us to be added to a waitlist for a particular plant.

♦ “Am I on the waitlist for plant x” ?
Please log in to your account, your waitlist plants are displayed at the bottom of your profile page.

♦ “I don’t have an account, can you add me to the waitlist” ?
Gladly, just tell us which plants.

♦ “Can I reserve or pre-order” ?
We are sorry but our system does not have the facility to reserve plants that we do not actually have for sale.

♦ “When will my interest be back in stock“?
A simple question with a massively complex answer, we simply have no way of knowing as it depends on too many factors. In some cases it is purely seasonal and the plant may be in stock again within weeks or a few months, in other cases we may be working up a stock and that can take years.



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