Wholesale terms

Wholesale list

We do not have a formal, printed, wholesale list but we do offer surplus or well-stocked retail items from time to time at bulk rates. Wholesale offers are available to all customers however there are minimum order restrictions.

In addition, for larger prospective orders we are able to quote you for your exact needs.  For nurseries, landscapers, local authorities and private individuals, we are happy to quote for specific plants that you are interested in obtaining in larger quantities. Do please enquire for a quotation, there is no obligation.

Can we again stress however that there is no paper list to browse, no emailed list that we can send you. We deal on a personal basis, quoting you a price for your exact requirements.


As a very approximate guide we offer wholesale discounts of around 25%-30%. This will depend on the precise variety, availability and number ordered. It also requires a minimum order spend.

Wholesale terms are available ONLY for prepaid orders for a total order which would exceed £750 at normal retail prices. In addition discounts will only apply to 10 or more of each species or kind.

Post, packing and certification (if needed for export) will be clearly quoted separately and are not subject to any discounts.

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