Paper catalogue

A single copy of our current paper catalogue for purchase (posted to you), or available as a free download.

Our catalogues are issued twice a year, in January and June. The two catalogues contain very different ranges of plants so we do recommend that you see both in order to see our full range.

The Winter-Spring List published in January contains winter-dormant species for immediate planting.
(typically things such as Anemonella, Arisaema, Asarum, Calanthe, Cardiocrinum, Dicentra, Disporum, Epipactis, Hepatica, Pleione, Polygonatum, Roscoea)

The Summer-Autumn List published in June contains summer-dormant species both for delivery and planting in the Autumn.
(typically Allium, Arum, Biarum, Corydalis, Colchicum, Crocus, Erythronium, Fritillaria, Iris, Muscari, Tecophilaea and Tulipa.

Some genera (such as Cypripedium, Eranthis, Lilium, Trillium and Zephyranthes) are listed in both catalogues, however the range will vary a great deal between catalogues.

Printed catalogues, do not contain the “web-only” species – for obvious reasons!