Anemone pseudoaltaica Double Blue Form

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Flowering sized rhizomes.

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The normally white Anemone pseudoaltaica has a range of colours comparable to that found in the European nemorosa, though the two are very different species. The best of the coloured and doubled forms have been selected and propagated in Japan and this is a totally new one to us. Highly sought after in Japan and still very rare.

The clone has no name other than “Double Blue” but is especially good with deep blue flowers which are fully doubled, all female parts and most of the male parts having been transformed into petals, though if you look carefully there are sometimes one or two (white) anthers present. The flowers are of a good size with broad, outer petals and a central tuft of curled inners and they are are borne early in the year, springing from the thickened white rhizomes characteristic of this species.

Gritty, well-drained, humus-rich soil with good feeding, or grow in shallow pots/pans in the alpine house, though as with its relatives, this does need a cold winter rest.

Introduced to our lists October 2016

Anemone pseudoaltaica Double Blue
Anemone pseudoaltaica Double Blue