Cardiocrinum cordatum Red form

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Flowering-sized bulbs, a little larger than a golf ball. This species naturally makes far smaller bulbs than C. giganteum.

Despatched October to April.

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This is a new and still very rare form, a distinct colour break within the genus. Normally Cardiocrinum cordatum has white flowers and only very rarely are flowers found which have a rub-red mark deep in the throat. This form, first found in Kyushu has petals which are almost totally deep, velvety ruby-red all over the inner face. The outer face is almost white and has a green mid-rib, but it is the inner face that catches the eye, with its phenomenal red colouration (and velvety texture) . This is unique, not just in the species, but in the whole genus.

 Smaller than Cardiocrinum giganteum, at 100cm or so tall, with 5-6 flowers  held on a slender stem well above the leaves, which in turn incline to the form of a basal rosette, more so than in the other Cardiocrinum species. Light, moist, humid woodsy conditions suit this plant.

First released October 2015

Cardiocrinum cordatum red form
Cardiocrinum cordatum red form