Corydalis solida Red Lory

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Flowering sized tubers.

Despatched September-November

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In its overall appearance, its compact habit and its individually large flowers, this clone perhaps approaches the superb, yet sterile, inter-specific hybrid, Tanager. However Red Lory is thought to be pure solida (i.e. not a hybrid) and it is fully fertile, producing viable seed (based on 2 years’ observations). More important than its inheritance, is the fact that the red colour is even brighter and more vivid than in Tanager and Tanager was probably the brightest clone available previously. Indeed Red Lory is the brightest and most impressive red of all of the existing clones of C. solida (and it is large-flowered as well).

Pot or pan under alpine glass, bulb frame or a garden spot, in light or partial shade and fully hardy here.

First released and named (and thus new to our lists) in August 2017.

Corydalis solida Red Lory
Corydalis solida Red Lory