Crocus cvijicii ex CEH.560

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Flowering sized corms.

Despatched September to October

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A wonderful species spread across parts of what was Yugoslavia and Northern Greece, where it is always limited to mountain habitats.

The flowers come in shades of cream, primrose and yellow. The yellow form only is illustrated and our stock is raised from the best, yellow, Greek forms which we found on Mount Vermion in 1982. It shows some colour variation, however all are deliciously and uniquely scented of Freesia. This is a very worthy addition to any collection.

Rarely offered and slow to increase, but easily grown, prefers a humus-rich soil, slight shade and a slightly damp summer, in keeping with its mountain home where it is almost always found on cooler, damper, North-facing slopes. This does not like hot dry conditions nor does it want an excessively hot, dry rest in summer.

Crocus cvijicii
Crocus cvijicii