Crocus mathewi Dream Dancer

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Flowering sized corms.

Despatched August to October

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The natural, wild variability of Crocus mathewi is far wider than was originally supposed when the plant was first described and it is apparent that not all specimens are the classic cream with a dark violet-purple centre.

It seems that in the wild some populations contain, or consist of, plants with pale pink, pink or pale violet petals, and a darker purple throat. This is natural variability and it also occurs when cream plants are raised from seed in cultivation.

After some years of isolating these we can now offer them as a separate, very lovely strain (this is true-to-type but it is not clonal).

Originally introduced as “Pink form”, this was subsequently named ‘Dream Dancer’ and our naming has been changed to reflect this.

Crocus mathewi Dream Dancer
Crocus mathewi Dream Dancer