Crocus vallicola

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Flowering sized corms.

Despatched July to October

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One of the very first of the autumnal species to appear, in August, rarely even in July though it also carries on later than this, especially if planted later and we have had flowers into October and November under these circumstances. Beautifully shaped, pure white flowers with miasmic violet veins towards the tube and sympathetically coloured sulphur stigmata. The petals are drawn out into wispy tips which enhance an already elegant appearance.

This really needs a damp well-drained humus-rich soil to give its best, it does NOT like hot dry conditions.

Propagated, cultivated plants, traceable to a stock originally from N. Turkey, Trabzon province, growing in high altitude alpine turf with Cyclamen parviflorum. A gem.

Crocus vallicola
Crocus vallicola